My Journey to Being Published Part II

August 31st– I spoke to my mom about her edits and questions and such. There was an awkward moment when she pointed out something at the beginning of an intimate scene and she only mentioned a couple of words in the sentence. I had to figure it out for myself.

Finally have my cover art. It only took 5 more emails and 2 more versions. I then spent 2 hours looking through font sites to find the perfect font. I found two I liked. My husband, being the amazing man that he is, was able to add my title and name to the cover art. He didn’t like the fonts I chose so he found something else. Of course.

Cover art, check. Edited book, check. Let’s move on to formatting!! I have formatted my book at this point seventy thousand times, at least. Kindle requires certain things so it will show up right. Probably something I should have looked into before I started writing, but being a writer is all about the story man, the characters, not indents and bookmarks. Wrong. Once I thought I had everything formatted correctly I was able to save it as an .html and email it to my kindle. I got to see my book on a Kindle! It made it instantly better. For some reason my stupid table of contents isn’t working. I’ve followed all the instructions everything is showing up right, but when you click on a chapter it doesn’t take you to the chapter like it should. James says he’ll look at it, but not right now. More waiting. It’s not like he worked a full-time shift and then spent 2 hours on my cover.

Since I really can’t do anything else with my book (it is pretty much done except for the table of contents issue) I will now set up all the social media accounts that I am supposed to have as a new author. I set up Twitter, I have a twitter of my own that I check once every two months so I know how this works. It only took me five minutes. Whoohoo this is going to be easy. Next Facebook, do I create a fan page or do I make a whole new profile. I will not lie; I was tempted to create a new profile just so I would have someone to help me with my games. I resisted and just went with a fan page. That took a bit longer and I badgered my husband until he gave me photos to upload. I maybe shouldn’t have badgered and spent a little more time doing more than staring in awe at my name on a book cover; because I didn’t notice that he had the series title misspelled. I uploaded a picture with my series title misspelled. Facepalm. The high from seeing my book on my kindle is gone. Now a mailing list. By then I was tired and I realized my book was probably not going to be going up that night. The mailing list is about as bare and boring as possible and I know one day I will have to go back and fix that, but not tonight.

September 1st– I slept late. Very late. It was awesome. However since I slept late I wasn’t up to remind my husband to fix my table of contents. Since he’s a perfectionist and doesn’t want my book to look amateur it took a few more hours to get it right and involved him rewriting code. Yes you read that right. For my self-published kindle book to show up correctly and not do wonky things he had to change the html code. I’m sure if I was by myself I would have been able to figure it out. *rolls eyes*

At just after 4:00 pm on September the 1st in the year 2012, I, _____ ______, writing under the pen name Kristine McKinley submitted my first book to Amazon to publish. I immediately wanted to throw up and crawl under a blanket never to be seen again. What if people don’t like what I wrote? What if they love what I wrote? The last one inspires even more fear for some reason. What if I’m not able to write the two books that follow this one? I’m doing a horrible job expressing the complete and utter terror I felt in the minutes after I hit submit and publish, but know this…it was a lot. At least I get to sit here and wait 12 hours while Amazon reviews and publishes my book. I get to sit here and press refresh on amazon’s self-publishing page over and over and over and over again waiting for it to finally say that it’s done. It’s like when you’re at the doctor’s office and you’re in the waiting room and then they take you back and you have to wait some more this time all by yourself in a little room with no magazines. Only worse. I am freaking out!

September 2nd– OMG IT’S LIVE!!!! Finally, at 1:54 am it shows as live on the kindle self-publishing site. I searched for it on Amazon’s website but it’s not showing up?!? My husband assures me that this is normal, that it has to go through servers and things. A quick search of the self-publishing FAQ shows that Live means that the book is available to download. BUT I CAN’T SEE IT!!!! I ask my husband when I will see it and he says it could take hours. AHHHHHHH!!!!! I can’t stay up that long. I want to see it now! Scavenged the internets and found a kindle forum post that says that your first book can take up to 3 days for everything to be set up!! That was mentioned anywhere on Amazon’s website. I guess I will find out. I will just keep watching. For now though sleep.

Or not. I’m just going to check one more time. I checked and nothing. In bed ready to fall asleep I decide to see if my phone kindle app will bring it up. IT DOES!!! I scared the crap out of my husband who was playing a DS game in bed beside me. I ran back to the living room and laptop and checked to make sure it was there too. IT WAS!!! (Sorry for all the caps) This is when people on Facebook who were my friend and who had liked my fan page were bombed with links and squeals. Hopefully I didn’t bother people too much with this. I promise to keep it down in the future, using my fan page as the only place for updates…unless it’s something huge.

Once again I slept late. In fact I didn’t wake up until my sister texted me to tell me that she bought my book. J What a wonderful way to wake up. Now I can set up my Amazon author profile and set up a author profile. Amazon was fairly easy, I already had everything pre-written so it was a lot of copy and paste, but goodreads is like a club or something. I had to submit an application request. Waiting to hear back from them so I can get that taken care of.

The power is already going to my head. My husband asked me when I wanted to go out and celebrate at Texas Roadhouse and I said, “Right now, bitch!”

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