Driving My Friends Crazy

September 2rd later in the day- I’m pretty sure I am driving my friends and family crazy. I’m almost positive I am. I am still creating my fan page on Facebook so there are updates every couple of hours from that, then I will occasionally post updates on my personal Facebook (I’m trying to stop I swear), there have been a couple tweets (not as many as there should be, I forget about Twitter), and now I just remembered to add a link on my Pinterest board. My book cover is everywhere! If my name wasn’t on it I’d be sick of it. Honestly sometimes I am.

I am a person that obsesses very easily, in case you didn’t notice, and I decided not to sit there and refresh my sales like a lot of people on the writer’s café say they do. I still look though. It’s my first day, so of course I look. As of 10:52 pm it says I have sold 6. 6! I know of 4 people who have bought it. No clue about the others, though it’s probably someone I know.

People are reading what I wrote! At least I hope they’re reading it. My Aunt and a friend from high school have both posted on their Facebook about me publishing a book. People in my circle are telling people not in my circle about my book, hopefully this means people I’ve never met will read my book. Hopefully they won’t hate it and tell others about it.

“Hey you. Yeah you. With the face, read this book. It wasn’t bad.”

No idea why I used that voice since I’m from the South and all of the people who have probably purchased my book are in the South.

“Ya’ll need to read this book.”

“Who needs to read this book?”

“All ya’ll need to read it.”

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