Free Love Weekend

From September 7th-8th my book, plus several other erotic books, are going to be free for kindle.

First Free Promo- I knew before putting my book in the KDP Select program that they gave you 5 days where you could make your book free. The first time I read about it I couldn’t comprehend why anyone would want to make their book free. I only spent 2 months working on my book, why would someone who spent years writing 30 minutes a day ever want to do it? I read tons of threads and articles on making your book free for a short period of time. During the golden age (evidently there was a golden age of eBook publishing) if you made your book free you were pretty much guaranteed lots of legitimate purchases when it was no longer free. This was partly due to word of mouth on your book and also because free downloads still count as full downloads and they increase your rank, so you end up more visible. You are no longer guaranteed those downloads after your promo ends, but people do still see it.

I was still on the fence about going free when I published. I could see the benefits, but giving my book away to lots of people; who to be honest probably only downloaded it because it was free and might not ever even read it, kind of makes me nauseous.

A couple of days after I published my book A. Violet End made a post on the Writer’s Café about how she was putting together a Free Love Weekend where she and other Erotic authors set their books for free and we all promoted on our sites. While I know my book is technically erotica I don’t really think of it that way, but I knew that if I was going to go free this would be one of the best times. I would have all these other authors promoting the weekend and I would get to see for myself if going free really does any boost to my sales. If I don’t find it does or I don’t feel the sales I get are worth it I can never do it again. At least I’ve tried it for myself though.

I will post my results when the weekend is over and a week later so we can see if there was any boost.

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