End of Free Love

Well my first free promotion is over, and it was exciting. I obsessively checked my stats, I agonized over whether or not what I was doing would actually help, I struggled over if my book could actually be considered erotica, and I debated changing my cover. It was an exhausting weekend and I’m sure I drove my husband crazy with my neuroses.

End of weekend stats:

Countries where my book was downloaded- USA, UK, Germany, and Italy (I was surprised at how well I did in the UK)

Free Downloads- 745

Overall Kindle Rank- 564

Erotica Rank Achieved- 35

People who joined my mailing list- 2

People who liked my fan page- 1

Books I’ve sold since end of promo- 0

People who rated my book- 0

I’ve been told I need to wait to see if this has any impact on my sales and everything else over all so I will give another update in a week.

I was incredibly happy to see that I had two people sign up for my mailing list; it wasn’t a waste to set it up after all. Yeah! The comment on my fan page was a woman saying that she really loved my book and that she liked my characters. Huge dopey grin. Those two things might have made the whole thing worthwhile.

Update on the second book in The Twin Moons of Andove series:

I am currently on the first draft but I am making remarkable progress, much faster than the last book. It is amazing how motivating knowing that you have readers waiting on what happens next. I’ve got a very detailed outline written, so that’s very helpful and keeping me on track. Right now it looks like it’s going to be longer than the first one, so instead of novella length I might actually reach novel length. I’m hoping for a mid to late October release but I’m not sure if I’ll make this since we will be going to Tokyo for 10 days in October.

Last, I want to thank everyone who downloaded my book, I hope you enjoy reading it!

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