One Week Check-Up

Ok so it’s been one week since I completed my first free weekend, so here’s an update.

Overall Kindle Rank- I made it up to 25k I don’t remember the exact number but for a while I hovered between there and 30k

People who joined my mailing list- 4

Books I’ve sold since end of promo- 18

People who rated my book- 1

So I did have a couple more people join my mailing list which is exciting and I had one person review my book on amazon. They gave me 3 stars saying the book is in dire need of editing but that they gave it three stars because the premise and the story aren’t bad. So not a glowing review, but it could have been a lot worse. I do know the book needs to be professionally edited and I am looking for a “real” job so that I can afford to pay someone to do it. Once I can afford it I will update it and let everyone know. I have checked anyone who has downloaded my book already can just update it from their kindle library.

What I learned from my free weekend, I’m really not sure. I don’t have much data to really learn anything from it. I wouldn’t say it was wasted because it got my previously unknown name out there to at least 700 other people; but I’m still not sure if I will go free again. I might just lower the price to $.99. Not sure will have to think about it.

I have decided to alter my genre, because while it does have sex scenes I don’t think my book can be strictly classified as erotica. I looked at a few authors who have about the same if not more in their books and they were not listed in that genre so I changed it to Fantasy and Paranormal. This works better with how the second book is going since I’m already on chapter 4 and so far no intimate scenes.

Well that has been a nice boring update for those who wanted to know. I will try to make a more entertaining post later.


  1. I plan on self-publishing (once I have a few books written first though) so its helpful to read the day to day experiences of other self-publishers.

    I think I am going to go a similar route to you and offer my book free, but with a twist.

    I plan on writing a trilogy, (so I can quickly capitalise on all the marketing/promotion I do for the first book), giving the first book away free, before selling the second and third book for a decent price (nothing above $5).


  2. I thought about doing that but in the end I was too impatient, which caused its own problems. On the writer’s cafe there are two opinions on publishing when you have a series in mind; either publish everything immediately once it’s written or wait until you’ve got a couple books and then publish all at once. It would have been nice to see what could have happened if I already had at least the sequel out.
    I look forwarding to reading your own experience and I can’t wait to read your book considering how much I enjoy reading your flash fiction.


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