Week Ending 09/15/2012

Early this week I suffered from a small bout of insomnia. I told my friends when I first quit my job and started writing that I hoped this happened to me because after reading all the blogs of my favorite authors they talked about how they suffered from it and because of it got a lot of work done. I happen to have a lot of work I need to do so insomnia seemed perfect to me. It wasn’t.

That first night I got a ton written. That bit was awesome, but once the sun was up and my husband gone to work I tried to fall asleep. I was out for maybe two hours and then I was bombarded with something like twenty text messages. The traveler’s cheques we’d ordered weren’t being processed and the bank wouldn’t talk to my husband even though it’s a joint account. So I had to spend the next hour on the phone being transferred all over the place until I finally got it taken care of. After that there was no way I was falling back asleep.

I tried to go back to writing but my brain would get three words of a sentence and then just give up. I’m not writing something deep and provocative but my brain just couldn’t handle a continuous stream of thought. I felt like I was floating through life and ended up watching Netflix and playing Chefville. I did try to go back to sleep but my brain while unable to complete a thought loved to start them.

When my husband came home he was amazed I was still awake since I am distantly related to a cat and could very easily spend half of my day sleeping and be happy. I looked up reasons why I couldn’t go to sleep and of course pregnancy is a reason. I’m not sure people are aware of this but if you are a woman who is a certain age everything is a symptom of pregnancy. It’s annoying, because I want to be pregnant but it’s never the reason.

Anyway I finally got some sleep but it took me another day to get back to normal. So for one day this week I got a ton done and then pretty much nothing for two. *sigh* Oh well. I finished an episode of a series that I’m going to release once I’ve been able to get it edited. I thought I’d include an exert here to see what people thought.


Episode One

I honestly don’t know why I was there. I was in a combination jewelry store and wedding organization…store. With a bunch of people I’ve never met helping them organize the wedding of a friend I hadn’t talked to in almost a decade. Bored out of my mind, I left the group before I was again asked to help pick out the floral design that best represented Laura and Jeff’s love for each other. I wandered over to the jewelry side of the store, the side I felt we had been sorely underutilizing, and I started picking out the ring that best represented the love I felt for me.

I had been pursuing for maybe fifteen minutes and had found the perfect corner where I could see the wedding party but they
couldn’t see me when I spotted the ring. The ring that I would leave to my daughter and she would leave to hers. The ring that no matter who gave it to me I would have to say yes. It was the ring to end all rings. It was perfection.

I looked up at the sales person who had walked over and that’s when I saw the man who I wanted to give me that ring. Yes he was the sales person and yes he was getting the ring out to show me but that wasn’t what I meant. He was the man in the way that the ring was the ring. He could give me any ring out there and I would have to say yes. It just so happened though he was giving me the ring. Unfortunately he was just trying to sell it to me.

My eyes kept darting from him to the ring, my mind unable to decide which one to drool over first. It was the best and worst situation I had ever been in before in my entire life. I was saved from making an impossible choice when in floated a gang of ghosts. Yes you read me right, a gang of ghosts. They floated right in like they owned the place and no one seemed to care.

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