More Sex?

Finally to the first intimate scene in the second book, it took a lot longer to get there this time around. I hope my readers aren’t disappointed that it takes longer for this couple to get there than Anika and Zeke (the couple from my first book). I could have always tried to get them to it sooner, but the story is a bit more involved than the last one and I didn’t want to force it just because my last book had tons of sex in it. They are two different stories, albeit in the same universe and with characters introduced in the last book. I worry that the people who read my first book and liked it will be disappointed, of course there’s always editing. Must add more sex! I might end up adding a peak at my first couple; that could work.

Just went back to check on my first book to see when exactly things heated up and it was on page 22 of my Word doc and on my current WIP it is on page 37, so that’s not as bad as I thought. Maybe I won’t have to cram in more sex. Oh the trials of a romance writer.

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