The Princess Bride

Today is the 25th anniversary of the movie and I thought, since it played such a big part in my childhood, I would post about it.


When I was a teenager I could quote this entire movie, complete with voices, I also would occasionally act out the fencing scene. Thankfully there is no video of this.

Another teenager moment, before the internet mind you, I went to my library and tried to find the book but I only ever found a book by William Goldman, who according to the movie (I didn’t  pay attention to credits) was not the author. I needed the one written by S. Morgenstern.

When my second boyfriend broke up with me I watched this movie on repeat and ended up falling asleep to it every night for two weeks. To this day if I need to fall asleep I watch it, only because I can close my eyes and still know exactly what is on the screen.

On the last anniversary of the movie I finally read the book. When I finished I spent more time than I care to admit trying to find where Florin was on a map. This is incredibly embarrassing because I know my European countries and I knew that it wasn’t one but Goldman’s writing was so compelling that I questioned myself and thought maybe it used to be a country.

Last fact and this is an actual fact and not just something from my personal history.

The Princess Bride is actually a Christmas movie, if you notice in the scenes at the beginning of the movie the houses through the window are decorated with Christmas lights. Fred Savages room has Christmas decorations as well. So therefore if Die Hard can be considered a Christmas movie, and it is in my household, than so can the Princess Bride

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