End of Month Update

I’ve posted several “side quests” lately so it’s time I went back to what’s happening on the publishing side. For about a week sales completely fell off, I didn’t even have a borrow since I’m in KDP Select, then on the 27th and 28th I got a few more sales. Not sure what gave me that bump, maybe my blog on tomatoes really grabbed people, or maybe I was mentioned somewhere that I’m not aware of, or maybe it was a comment I made on the kindle boards. No idea, but it was nice.

Brief mention of KDP Select, the ability to set my book as free is a nice marketing option even though it makes me slightly uneasy to do, but I’ve only had 2 borrows and I have no idea how much I will be paid for those. As soon as my 90 days are up (that’s how long you agree to) I will be putting my book on Smashwords so it will be available on all the other e-readers.

May through September is notoriously a slow period for book sales, and since I’ve met my goal for the month I’m not freaking out like I might normally do. Someone on a blog somewhere mentioned that a goal of 30 books sold a month is a good goal when you start out, so I’ve at least met that, though I haven’t yet quiet made back what I put into the book.

I could be doing more marketing, forcing myself to post on blogs other than my own, doing all the other things that you can do, but I’m not. Marketing is my least favorite part of being an indie author. I’ve enjoyed some aspects of it, but as a whole it is incredibly tedious. I have a hard problem just posting on message boards voicing my opinion, especially when other people have already posted what I think.

“Yeah I agree with post 37, 45, & parts of 62. I’m just commenting so people will see my signature and maybe click on my book.”

I don’t feel like I can do that, so I spend 15 minutes trying to think of something witty, clever, and original and when I go back to the thread most of the time my comment has been over looked or I’ve killed the thread. Killing threads is a super power that my husband and I share, that and breaking laptops just by looking at them.

So instead of marketing I’ve been doing what pretty much every author advises you to do, I’ve been working on my next WIP. I am half way done with the first draft, which is not as far as I wanted to be but I’m alright with that since I’m two thirds of the way through a second project.

Overall the butterflies that nearly killed me when I first published are no longer there and I’m happy with the progress that Stolen Memories has made.


  1. Not that I have published my book, yet; but I want to try and gently remind you how important it is to market your product…your book. Especially as an indie-author, everything I have read points to: “You must do all the footwork yourself.” It is scary, it is tedious, but unless you have an ace up your sleeve, there’s really nobody else doing it for you. So, don’t give up, for you’ve made it to the light I’m chasing, and there’s no reason to do all THAT work to let it slide into oblivion. On the flip-side, I am glad it is reaching your beginning expectations. Keep up the energy; and I think you’ll be just fine.

    It feels a little silly after all that; but I would like to thank you for the like on my “15 Reasons” post. Thank you for taking the time to check it out!


  2. Thanks for the encouragement, I haven’t completely given up on marketing; I still post on message boards and blogs and all the stuff that I enjoy doing. I’m just putting off the other stuff until my second book is out and I’ve had an opportunity to have my work professionally edited. It’s a pride thing I guess, I want people to read my book but I want it to be more polished before I start actively asking people to review it.
    Loved your 15 reasons! I haven’t yet had any of my figurines talk to me, probably because I have them on a high shelf away from my computer. Maybe if I move them down they’ll keep me on target with my writing.


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