Cover Art

This photo has nothing to do with cover art but it’s pretty and my sister took it so I’m sharing because I’m proud.


So I found cover art that I love for the episodic series I’m writing. I haven’t yet contacted the artist but her prices are around $500, way more than I can afford. I still plan on emailing her in case a miracle happens and it’s less than that; but until then I’ve been looking at stock photo sites to see if I can find something to use until I can afford her. I’m finding it very difficult to do that though, I’ve fallen in love with an image and nothing lives up to it.

I’ve looked through hundreds of images and I’ll end up finding two images that work but not a third and I need three. I still have hundreds of images to go through and I’m trying to not fixate on the perfect one, so we’ll see what happens. When I find something I’ll post it so everyone can see.

I have also looked into several other cover artists that are cheaper, they would probably still be more expensive than doing it myself but at least it would look more professional. I told my husband some of the prices and he said that it seemed like cover art was where the money was in the book business. He has some skill with Gimp and is a good artist, though an extreme perfectionist, so I might see if he’ll do my art. We will see. I still have a little more time.

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  1. I just saw that you posted my picture! Thanks! I’m sure you’ll find something that you love. Good luck!


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