Life After Vacation

So I’ve only been back from Tokyo 2 days, I’m fighting jet lag, I haven’t been able to write, and I also had a job interview. You know one of those things that if they go well you get a job that pays you money in less than 60 days and then you can buy things. Things like bed sheets and clothes and car repairs. Well things went well and I now have a job, a job with regular pay! I can use that money to feed my habit with things like editing and cover art. Ah I feel like I might have started something I can never give up by publishing.

Sales have completely dropped off but because of the new job I feel like I have more options. Not paying for promotions, I’ve heard too many negatives about that, but paying for editing. I guess my one negative review has been eating at me. When I published I felt like I had done the absolute best that I could do. It wasn’t the book I really wanted to write but it was the book I felt like I could write, I hope that makes sense.

Now that I have a job I don’t feel as much pressure to publish and earn money. My husband wasn’t putting any pressure on me it was all me. I needed to see if I could do it, finish a book and publish it. Well I can. Now I need to take that book I published and polish it. I’ve had too many people download it to make any huge changes to it, but I can at least have it proofread and copy edited. I can also make sure the second book is better.

The plan was to publish it before the New Year, preferably in November or early December but with working a full-time job my writing time is being cut considerably. However one thing this time as a full-time writer has taught me is that I don’t need as much time as I thought I did. At best I am only able to write about 4 hours a day; now I know myself well enough to know after working a full shift and then coming home and cooking and exercising (I did make that vow in Japan) I will not be spending 4 hours every night writing. I can, though, spend an hour writing, especially since I’m not working 10 hours shifts like I was it should only be 8 hours. If I also spend time writing on the weekends I’m hoping that I can get out at least 4k words a week.

I still have millions of ideas floating in my head and while a full-time job might slow things down I know what I am capable of and I will get them written down and published. Well I might not publish everything.

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