Bookstore Dream Published By Circle Entertainment LTD

Game Overview:

Ever had a dream of owning you own bookstore? Now you can!

Bookstore Dream is a simulation game that allows you to manage your lovely bookstore.

Get connected with publishers and put the best books on your shelf! Be sure to keep stocks at a good level when demands go up! If you do everything right you will become a well know brand in the community!

Bookstore Dream is only offered in the Nintendo eShop for the DSi and the 3DS for 200 points or $1.99.



I have happened to have dreamt about owning my own bookstore!

Recently I purchased a 3DS XL and my husband sent me a link to this game. I love simulation games and since it was only $1.99 I went ahead and bought it.

There was no tutorial, only a help text that really only gave you the most basic of information. You only have 99 days to complete the 4 objectives and it took me longer than it should have to understand everything just because I kept finding things I hadn’t realized were there. So by day 34 I understood most of it, though I still don’t get how the auto stocking option works.

For such a little game I was surprised at the options you have, though once they gave me those options I wanted MORE. You level up and unlock larger shelves and nicer chairs, though there was no prompt that I saw telling you this you just have to keep checking back. It might have had to do with money earned or items sold, not sure.

There are around 16 publishers that offer books, cds, postcards, newspapers, and a few other things. Each item has its own shelf and you have limited shelf space so you have to keep that in mind when you place your orders. It can also take days for your order to arrive; it lets you know if that was going to happen. I liked that there were limits you have to work around and have to keep in mind when planning.

You can have author signings once a week and each author has their own stats. Even when I had every shelf full I would often run out of books on those days, at the end of each author visit a pop up would come up and say that not a lot of fans came out but at least you got some promotion. Not sure if I was doing something wrong and needed to advertise more or what.

That was my main complaint, just the lack of information on what I was doing. The help text was barely more than basic information and there isn’t really anything online, at least in English, to help out. Still even with that when I beat the game I would have rated it a 9 out of 10. Now that I’ve had some time to think about it I’m going to lower my score to 7.5. I would definitely recommend this game to people.

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