Possible Free Day and a Possible Title

My new work desk

Thinking about doing a free promotion again. Previously I had stated that I would wait until Book 2 in the Twin Moons of Andove series came out, but since it looks like that is going to take longer than I had originally thought, I’m thinking about making Stolen Memories free. Last time I was apart of Violet End‘s Free Love promotion and because of that I really think my book got a lot more exposure than it would have if I had just gone free by myself. This could be a good way to test that out. Maybe I will end up doing as well as I did last time or maybe I’ll do better or maybe I’ll end up just burning my free day. No idea. Whatever happens if I do decide to go free for a day I will post my results here.

I’ve thought of a title for my episodic thingie, now if I could just figure out what it is. Is it a serial, is it episodic story telling? Do I need to know before I publish? Probably. *sigh*

Anyway the title of the whole thing is going to be The Amelia Bennett Chronicles with the first episode titled The Ring and The Man. The first episode is just over 7k words and at the moment I am planning on selling it for $.99 the same for each episode after that. When I get enough out, and it makes sense, I am going to create an omnibus. These will all be edited before they’re published and they will be my first published work on more than Amazon so that will be new and exciting. I have actually been considering making the first episode free on here to read, mainly because I really like the second one; but that was just something that popped into my mind today I’ll have to think more on it.

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