I tried to find a picture that really captured this post but then I got lost looking at baby memes and didn’t find anything that seemed to relate. So here’s a pic from my sisters blog.

So I’ve written just over 20k on the sequel to Stolen Memories, that’s a lot less than I had wanted but considering all that’s happened the last month I’m ok with it. The problem is, while washing my face the other night, I realized I needed to completely scrap most of that and start over. After the first couple of chapters I veered off of what the book should be, romance and sex, and into more sci-fi. The book is a sci-fi romance, but the emphasis is on the romance, not the sci-fi. While I’ve been writing I kept wondering if my readers would like this book since it was so different, but it shouldn’t be. I think that might be part of why I’ve been having such a hard time getting into writing it. This was never supposed to be a complex sci-fi series with dashes of romance and sex; this was supposed to be about a connection between two people. I can still have sci-fi I just need to dial it back and get back into why people bought the book in the first place. Or I guess I should say, why I think people bought it. Sex. Err. Romance. Err. Whatever. I think I’ve made myself clear enough.

With Stolen Memories I had to scrap almost this much but that was because I had started the book out as some outrageous romance that had every cliché and pun possible and then realized that it was a lot harder than it looked to write that way. Eve Langlais sort of writes that way and I LOVE her Furry United Coalition Series. Maybe one day, but I do not have that skill yet. Oh well, lots of rewriting in my future.

I’ve said this before, many times, and I’ll say it again I’m sure; I hate coming up with titles. I don’t know why I can’t come up with one but I have such a hard time doing it. I mentioned that I was going to name my episodic series the Amelia Bennett Chronicles but now I think that might be too long and won’t fit on a cover. It doesn’t have to go on a cover but even just having it in the parenthesis behind the title on amazon seems like it would be too long. As much as I love Jen Lancaster’s books I do not want to have a title that is 25 words long. The actual title for the episode was going to be The Ring and The Man but nobody I tell that to likes it. The thing is Man and Ring really need to be in the title. Not sure what I’m going to do. Do I need to have a title before I send it off to an editor? Probably not. I should really break down and contact one.

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