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Last week was pretty chaotic at work, the first half I had very little to do and was able to get some writing done but the second half was ridiculously busy and involved overtime all weekend. So in the end, even though I’ve realized I need to completely rewrite what I’ve written of Book 2, I haven’t been able to.

Overtime hasn’t stopped me from thinking about it though. I didn’t realize I was doing it but the plot of the story has been working through in the back of my mind and the buzzer went off Friday night as I started to fall asleep. I was making my character fall in love with the wrong man. I had her falling for the man I liked the best not the one that she would. When I wrote Stolen Memories I knew that people who read it would think that Sasha was going to wind up with a certain character based on what I wrote, but I didn’t want her to wind up with him. I thought it might be a nice twist, but it’s just not working and I’m going to have to give her the man that she wants. Unruly characters and their demands.

I’ll have to think of another way to create a twist. Maybe. We’ll see. It’s not completely decided yet. This is what’s called pantsing. Not having everything figured out before you write. I sort of have a hybrid approach to writing, part pantsing part outlining. I have a rough idea of what I want to do, I even wrote out an outline, but a lot of it is just fly by the seat of my pants. When I did Camp Nano in August I pantsed it. I knew I wanted to write about witches and I had an imp that I was inspired by but that was pretty much it. I wound up 10k in and no idea what to do with her. I killed her mother and did a funeral and was like what the hell happens next? She’s still waiting for me to figure it out because I abandoned her for Stolen Memories. Does the world need any more books about witches though? I don’t know we’ll see. I have other things I want to write more.

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