So I’ve been posting reviews every Saturday for the last couple of weeks and while I’m enjoying letting people know what I think about things, I realized I am not very good at it. When I like something a lot I have a hard time going into detail about why, and writing ‘I just do’ and ‘it’s awesome’ is not an option. I tried to write a review of Doctor Who, probably my all-time favorite TV show, and I couldn’t get past the first sentence of “Doctor Who is awesome because…” It just is people! Trust me. I’ve had that same problem with a couple of things I’ve wanted to review. So I need to find something else to post on Saturdays.

I could do something like Felicia Day’s Flog and list my three favorite things that week and a brief description of what they are. I would have to come up with three things I love each week which could be hard. Considering Felicia started with a Fav Five I think she had that problem. Coming up with three things a week should not be too difficult and if it is I just need to think about what I’m doing during my week to add fun to it.

So here goes, Kristine’s Three Favorite Things:

1. Microsoft Surface

My husband and I picked one of these bad boys up last week and I have to say so far I LOVE it! I’m actually writing this post on it. I’ve wanted a tablet for a while now to read comics on but Apple products are not welcome in our home (it’s complicated). I was leaning toward the Kindle Fire until we saw this announced. We got the cyan touch keyboard and it is taking some getting used to but I feel like I’m in the future when I type on it.

2. P!nk The Truth About Love

Since I’ve downloaded this album I’ve had to resist listening to it on repeat. Lots of catchy songs with attitude so loving it!

3. Heated car seats

The weather has started getting cold and I am once again getting to use my cars heated seats and there are so awesome. They make going into work more comfortable if not more enjoyable.

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