Cyber Monday


I’ve decided.

 After only 2 sales in November (admittedly I have been completely absent online except for this blog) I am going to use one of my free days. Cyber Monday, November 26th, Stolen Memories will be free! So tell your friends, your family, anyone and everyone so they will forget to download it then download it the next day when it will cost money. 🙂

There are several promos taking place on that date and I haven’t joined any of them. I’ve decided to use this as an experiment. As my first book, like a first child, everything I’m doing is an experiment, so hopefully I’ll learn something for the next child. Err. Book. Same thing.

I tried to create my own banner and a pic advertising the sale but I am artistically challenged, that’s the most polite way to say it. To put it bluntly I can’t even draw a stick figure that doesn’t look like it was drawn by someone who is normally right handed and they’ve decided to draw with their left. It’s really pathetic and I wish I could do better but oh well. My husband threw these together last night after I tore him away from the Wii U. I’m going to post them on Facebook and Twitter.

I was able to finally finish the rough draft of episode 3 on the Amelia Bennett Chronicles. I’ve gone back to liking that as a name, still unsure of the title for the first episode but we’ll see. Now that I’ve got the first draft done I’m going to contact an editor to edit the first two while I do my own edits for episode 3. Kind of nervous about contacting an editor because I’ve never done that before. I’ve looked into several based on recommendations from the kindleboards and I think I’ve found someone who will do the job well and not break my bank, but we’ll see I still have to contact them.

As soon as episode three is finished on my side I will go back to finishing Twin Moons of Andove Book 2. I have a much better idea of what I want to do with that book and the break between the two has given me a nice break from that world. I’m not sure how long this is going to take me to write because my new job has been sort of erratic with over-time and with the holiday’s coming up I will be doing a lot of traveling. I had hoped to be released by now, but I will be lucky to see a January release.


  1. Thanks Gary. I don’t have any plans to quit, probably ever. Too many stories in my head to do that. I might change my goal from obtaining the status of J.K. Rowling to just having fun telling my stories though. I didn’t want a theme park anyway.


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