Cyber Monday Recap

Cyber Monday is over, I’m a few dollars poorer, but I am now the proud owner of a cover for my 3 episode Amelia Bennett Chronicles arc. On a non-writing note I also have the Sims 3 Seasons shipping to me. Yeah!!

Download wise I had just over 300 people download my book in the US, India, UK, Germany, and France. This was significantly less than my last free day, however if you take into consideration that last time was actually two days and I had joined a promo group, I really don’t think 300 is too bad. Hopefully I will get at least one good review out of those downloads.

I was very happy with my rank during the sale, I got as high as #40 in my sub-genre of Free Fantasy, Futuristic, & Ghost (Amazon really needs to work on their sub-genres) and around #1,700 overall.

The bad, as soon as my free promo was over my rank went back to what it had been and I no longer have any visibility. I’m hoping this is fixed and not how Amazon is now doing things because if that’s the case than a free download where only 300 books were downloaded is almost useless.

During my free promo the only advertising I did was here on this blog, on Twitter tons of hash tags were used, my fan page at Facebook was updated, and my signature at kindleboards was updated to say it was free. That is it. Basically I did nothing.

I feel bad about this but at the same time I am terrified to market my book. When I published Stolen Memories I thought it was the best I could do, I felt like I had done everything to make it good, and I honestly liked it. Now when I read bits of it and look at it I cringe. I can’t believe I did that and I want people to pay for this? It’s hard to market something when you feel that way. I’ve read so many authors that say they are so glad their first works are not available and that no one ever read them. I published my first work. I tell myself that my true fans, you know my family, will get to see how I grow as a writer and appreciate me more when I start publishing awesome stuff.

All that to say, I am proud of what I accomplished when I hit publish on Stolen Memories but the perfectionist inside of me cringes when I look at all the mistakes I made. Oh well, this was a nice experiment on what happens when your book goes free and you don’t do any advertising or very little advertising.

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