Freaking Out

Sadly this post is not about Home Alone

Sadly this post is not about Home Alone

So last week was a pretty big week for me, publishing wise. On Monday while surfing the kindleboards I came across a pre-made cover that for once actually worked with what I had written. This has only happened once, on a cover artist I mentioned briefly before. I’m not sure if I posted more on that but basically what happened was I contacted her to find out how much it was going to be and even with my now full-time job I could not afford her. She was well worth what she was asking for and one day if I win the lottery hell yeah I will be buying her covers. Until then I will have to be cheaper. Anyway I have a perfect pre-made cover that I bought on sale. I will be using it for all 3 episodes but I’m thinking about changing the filter for each one, I’ll have to talk to my husband…err…cover artist about that.

On Tuesday I had one more like on my Facebook page and a comment. Someone wanted to know when I was going to be finished with book 2. The pressure is on! I have fans asking about it. I said I was shooting for an early next year release, now I just need to bust my butt and make that deadline. I can do it! I can do it? I can do it?!?

On Wednesday I finished my own edits on episode 3 in the Amelia Bennett Chronicles. I’ve been saying for a while now that as soon as I finished those edits I would contact an editor. I had one picked out and as soon as I was finished I emailed her. I then promptly freaked out. I’ve never contacted an editor before, what if everything I typed was wrong, what if I sounded unprofessional, what if I waited too long, what if… What made matters worse was my husband wasn’t online to talk me down. So I ended up freaking out over IM to a friend that has never had that experience before. She’s still talking to me so that’s a good sign.

All my freaking out was of course wasted because she seems very nice in the many emails she’s sent me since then and her time estimate is for mid to late December which would be awesome, especially if she gets it done before Christmas. I could have 3 episodes up for people to hopefully buy and love on their brand new kindles.

On Thursday I checked Goodreads and noticed I had someone new rate Stolen Memories. It wasn’t a review but someone still rated it. They gave it 4 stars! Yeah!! Goodreads reviews are so much harsher than Amazon reviews so that 4 stars was like a 5 star Amazon. If that makes sense. So my free run was not completely useless. I may not have sold any additional books because Amazon didn’t let me keep the rank my free run gave me but I got one more rating on Goodreads.

On Friday I got my first royalty payment! That was huge, not the check but actually getting one. So finally I was able to mark what I have spent so far as paid for by my book, however with the $20 on the cover and the projected estimate on the editing I am now back in the hole. Still incredibly excited and pumped up to write more. It’s amazing how motivating money is.

On Saturday and Sunday I finally went back to Book 2 and began the rewriting process. I was able to salvage 2500 words out of the 20k that I had written. I was also able to get another 1500 written in between all the other things I have to get done over the weekend. It was a nice start and if I can keep writing at least 2k a weekend, hopefully more, I might just keep that early next year deadline.

That was my week, well my publishing week. More stuff happened but it wasn’t fun or exciting like all that was.


  1. Great post. I’m just dropping in to reassure you that you’re not the only author out there who freaks out! So, if it feels any better, welcome to the club. 😉




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