New Ideas

While working on Stolen Memories my husband asked me what I was going to do next, if I had any ideas. At the time I was so immersed in Stolen Memories I didn’t have anything. I was so close to finally finishing a book for the first time that the thought of what comes next hadn’t entered my mind. Put on the spot like that I couldn’t think of anything so I told him give me some time. Once he opened that door I haven’t been able to close it. I wasn’t flooded with tons of ideas all at once but I will be in the middle of something and an idea will pop into my head and I’ll hurry and write it down before I forget. I now have a word document with all kinds of ideas that I want to work on but I have to finish what I’ve already started. I wish I wrote faster.

Part of why I started writing the Amelia Bennett Chronicles was because I needed something else to work on other than Book 2 in the Twin Moons of Andove. I would get stuck in a spot, which I’ve now realized is because I wasn’t writing the story I needed to be writing, but when I would get stuck I would switch over and then I could go back with fresh eyes. I’ve found at the beginning of something I can work on more than one project but once I get into it I get completely focused and unable to move that focus to something else. Which is what happened with the AB Chronicles, I got so focused that Book 2 was just set aside. I haven’t finished all I have to tell with Amelia but I have reached a conclusion to a story arc so I can now move back to Book 2.

That is my plan. Now that my edits are done and I’m just waiting to send them off to my editor I have moved focus back to Book 2. I’ve made a promise to myself that as soon I’ve finished the first draft I can start writing my next set of AB episodes. Not until the first draft though, I have people waiting to read Book 2.

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