Chaotic Christmas Schedule


The holidays are always a pretty chaotic time at our house, as I’m sure it is at a lot of people’s. This year I decided to try to make it even more so by inviting a couple of friends over for food and a Christmas movie. I knew I would freak out over this so I thought I’d make it easy and only invite four people. If you’ve learned anything about me through this blog than you know even if it had been one person I would be nervous. I haven’t yet reached the stage of freaking out but since we didn’t put the Christmas decorations up last weekend and everyone is coming this weekend, leaving us just a few days to put everything up, I see a potential freak out in my future.

On top of all of the Christmas gatherings and family I will also, hopefully, be publishing the 3 Amelia Bennett Chronicles episodes that I’ve written. It all depends on my editor and if there is a ton of work to be done once she’s had her way with them. Having never used an editor I have no idea what to expect. I’ve already done all the formatting I can do with the episodes so I just need to have the cover art finished and handle the edits. Something else to try to not freak out about.

My KDP enrollment ended earlier this month and I have not re-enrolled because I would like to publish on other platforms. However this past weekend I had Stolen Memories opened and while skimming through looking for some information about a character I found an error. A couple other errors have been pointed out to me by readers. I’m now leaning toward waiting until I’ve had a chance to send this to an editor before I publish on more platforms. The question is do I want to wait because I want to make the book better or do I want to wait because I don’t want to learn more formatting? If it is because I don’t want to learn more formatting then that’s something else I would want to do this month. Lazy is not an acceptable excuse not to have my book up on as many platforms as possible.

Since I went back to work I’ve been doing all of my writing on the weekends. That’s a lot of pressure to put on two days when I already have all kinds of other things I have to get done. So I’m now trying to write 500 words a day. If I’m able to focus I can normally get this done in less than an hour, the key is using what I’ve learned with NaNoWriMo and just work through the fact that the words aren’t perfect. If I’m able to keep doing this I could actually end up writing even more that what I was doing.

That is the abbreviated list of things I will be doing and need to get done this holiday season. I hope everyone stays safe and has tons of fun this holiday!

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