Title’s the Bane of my Existence


Anyone who has read my blog for a while knows that I have problems with titles. I changed the title of Stolen Memories something like four times, I struggled with the title of my first episode, and now I am having difficulties figuring out what to call my publishing company. I can’t publish on Kobo without a name for my publishing company, so of course I can’t think of anything. My sister recommended Top of the Mountain Publishing, but when I googled the name it looks like it’s already in use though nothing has been copyrighted. A friend from work told me simple was best and to just use Mountain Publishing. My husband isn’t fond of any of the names pitched yet but responded enthusiastically to Bad Mountain. All I know is that I want Mountain in the name. I’m tempted to just use Mountain and get it over with.

I posted on Facebook to see if anyone would respond with suggestions but other than my sister and one like for Mountain Peak Publishing I didn’t get anything. I’m still thinking about it but until I find a name I can live with for a long time I won’t be uploading my books on Kobo or Pubit! for that matter since if I don’t have a publisher name they will use my name. Stupid titles. I don’t have problems with naming my characters, why do I have such problems with titles?

If anyone has a suggestion I’m all ears.

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