Branching Out


So I finally have most of my books on multiple platforms. Over the weekend I was able to upload the Amelia Bennett Chronicles on Pubit and Kobo. I was also able to get Stolen Memories on Kobo, because of the many format changes when I first wrote it getting it uploaded on Pubit is going to take some work I am not qualified to do. Thankfully I have a big strong man who knows some HTML and happens to be the King of the Internet so I should be good. Once he actually gets down to doing it. I still plan on getting them all uploaded to Smashwords but I’m happy with the dent I’ve made in expanding to new platforms.

Out of the three platforms I’ve uploaded to now by far the easiest was Kobo. I really liked their layout, they also converted my .doc to an .epub and that made uploading to Pubit so much easier. The only part about Kobo that was difficult was coming up with a publisher name. I finally decided on “Top of the Mountain” with no publishing at the end.

Pubit will hold a special place in my heart just because the day after I uploaded someone purchased all three of my Amelia Bennett Episodes. So far, over all platforms, the only people to have purchased these have been myself, my mother, and my sister. So the fact that someone purchased them was pretty awesome to me. If they had been the first thing I’d published I think I might have been crushed by how they are selling; but I’ve grown a thicker skin and realize that while I loved writing them they aren’t what everyone is looking for.

Now that my books are available for more people to download I’m back to working on Book 2, I have a fan that keeps asking when it will be out and I can’t let her down 😀

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