End of January and Bonus 2012 Total


January 10th I released three episodes in the Amelia Bennett Chronicles. They did not do as well as I had hoped but oh well. I loved writing them and any time I need a break from writing Book 2 in the Twin Moons of Andove I will write more episodes. Anyway, not only did I release 3 new titles but on the 25th I published on more platforms. The AB Chronicles are available on Kindle, Kobo, and Pubit; and Stolen Memories is available on Kindle and Kobo. January ended up being my third highest month in regards to sales, unsure how the money side is going to land since my episodes started out at $.99 then I increased the price to $1.99. So here are my sales totals for January:

Kindle .com: 12

Kindle .uk: 3

Pubit (Nook): 3

I published Stolen Memories on September 1st so I was only published for four months in 2012 and I only had one book available. For anyone that cares to see the numbers of a newbie published author who has done little to no marketing here they are:

2012 Total Sales: 79

So close to breaking triple digits! With January’s sales I’m up to 97, so I just need one person to read all the episodes in the AB Chronicles!

I publish my sales because I think it provides a nice contrast to all the articles and posts I see of authors who are selling in the hundreds and thousands. It’s possible I’m the only one who can barely break 10 sales in a month somehow I doubt it though.

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