2013 Update

Now that I have all the numbers for 2013 I thought I’d give an update. I did no marketing and I published three short episodes in an episodic series.

I sold a total of 40 books in 2013.

Considering my lack of presence and the fact that I didn’t publish anything after January 11th I’m actually happy with that. I even managed to sell something on Apple which was a shock to see. My goal for 2014 is modest because of the new baby in our house, but I am hoping to be able to finish Book two in the Twin Moons of Andove which is tentatively titled Long Lost Princess. I would also like to publish a few more episodes in AB Chronicles. I’ve been able to get a few more thousand words into Book two and it’s about halfway through the second draft. I’m also almost finished with the second draft of episode four. I’m finding it easier to write the episodes just because of my time availability, babies are hard work, but I promise I will get Book 2 finished.


  1. Goed going. You may find things slow up when mini starts crawling so strike while the iron is hot if you can…. depending on what kind of sleeper the wee one is. I was lucky but not everyone goes through the night early on. 😉


  2. For one glorious week she slept through the night and it was amazing, but for whatever reason she is back to waking up at least once. Oh well. I did at least get the second draft of an episode written, I’m going to try and focus on Book two now


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