Title Regret


I hate titles. A lot. I’ve already written that blog post though and I’m not going to write it again. What I’m going to talk about is title regret.

My first episode in the Amelia Bennett Chronicles is titled “The Ring, The Man”. I’ve never really liked the title. No one ever really liked the title, but no one could give me an alternative. Reading the episode it makes sense, but it doesn’t really grab someone and get them to read it.

I’ve thought about changing the cover of the books and just having Amelia Bennett Chronicles and the episode number. The title could just be on the title page inside the book. Of course this means I will have to change my covers, but to be honest I was already thinking of doing that. I’m not happy with the font.

I recently read a blog post by J.C. Hutchins about his episodic series “The 33” and it made me wish I’d done more research on covers for episodic series. He didn’t talk about his cover but I got to see what he had done and it made so much sense, if only I had thought of it.

Isn’t that always the case? I can’t wait to do something and have someone tell me they wish they’d thought of that.

His cover has his name at the top, “The 33” very large in the center, the episode name, and that it is part 1 of 4 at the bottom.

I know I can change my cover, but can I change the name of the book? Could I just have the series title, my name, and a one word episode name? If I change the name could I change the name of the series? Do I want to change the name of the series? I don’t really have any plans to write about anybody but Amelia so that doesn’t need to change, though it would be nice if it was shorter. Amelia Bennett Chronicles takes up a lot of space.

These are, of course, all things I should have thought about before I published. I was on a high from the success of Stolen Memories. I had an idea I loved and I knew I could self-publish. The power went to my head. Now I have to live with the consequences.


  1. Titles are difficult, and you kinda have to stick with it once you’ve settled. I think, ‘The Ring, The Man’ sounds like a quite catchy, punchy title 😀


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