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A couple weeks ago I stumbled across a wonderfully helpful thread over at the Kindle Writer’s Cafe. TK aka BB posted a comprehensive guide to publishing your books on Google Play. A while back my husband linked me to an article about it asking if I was going to put my books on it. I told him eventually but the idea of figuring out how to put my books on yet another platform just seemed exhausting. With TK’s thread it was so simple. I made sure I had everything that I needed and within thirty minutes I had all three episodes of the Amelia Bennett Chronicles uploaded.

The sales data on Google Play is evidently delayed so I waited a couple days to see if I got a download and nothing. Everyday I would generate a report and it was always empty. Honestly I was hoping I was somehow doing it wrong, but I wasn’t. Today, for the first time, there was a download. And there were two sales.

My free book worked! Someone downloaded it, then wanted to read the next two. Whoohoo!!!


That is all. You may go back to what you were doing.

Oh and here’s a link to that wonderful thread:,167655.0.html


  1. When I finally figured out how to get one of my books into Google Books / Google Play, I posted about it on G+ and somebody said they bought it that same day. I checked the stats, nothing. Checked later, nothing. Checked really later, nothing. I finally quit checking. Then, on a whim, several weeks later, I checked again — and finally that sale, on that first day the book was available, appeared in the report. I can understand a delay of hours or days in stats, but weeks? That’s ridiculous. It should be no surprise that I won’t be checking my stats there very often. Anyway, here’s to better sales AND stats for us both on that platform!


  2. That’s amazing. I’ve been trying to work out Google Play since it first appeared, but didn’t progress it because the interface is clunky and about as user friendly as a bad tempered, hungry tiger who has decided I’m lunch. My first book is listed on there with the cover I replaced in 2011 but not for sale through them. Their financial info was fairly opaque at that time, too. I never uploaded the files because I couldn’t understand their terms and conditions or how the finances worked or whether I could replace the files with updated versions.

    I’ll see if I can get my book uploaded today.




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