My Financial Writing Goals



They are really more like levels of success than goals but since they are unique to me I felt they should be called goals instead of saying how I’ll know when I make it. I will end up thinking I’ve made it when I hit my first or second goal, but some people wouldn’t agree.

  • First Level: Being able to pay for edits and covers with my books earnings and not out-of-pocket
  • Second Level: Being able to pay off all my debt (including that horrible loan for New Horizons and those stupid IT certifications)
  • Third Level: Being able to afford to have someone come clean my house once a week.
  • Final Level: Buying a house with cash money in Tennessee

There’s a bit of a jump from level three to four, and if I ever make it to three I might end up adding in more just so I feel like I’m accomplishing something. I’m sure if I stop meeting goals by that point I’ll be horribly crushed and just curl up and never write again.

I should probably stop planning what I’m going to do when I make it and actually get up off my ass and finish this damn book.

You know what I think I’ll go to bed instead.

Good Night.


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