Finishing is Hard

I tried to come up with a different title, but I couldn’t.

I’m lying I didn’t try. My perverted brain enjoyed that one too much.

I have a problem finishing projects. Stolen Memories was the first book I ever finished. So of course I published it. I had beaten that hurdle I would never have that problem again. Gone were the days where I would get distracted by a new idea. I was now a finisher.


About that.

Not so much.

The next project I published was three episodes in a possibly never ending serial. I have no end for this project. Did I find a way to beat my issue?


I just used that new serial so that I could write something other than the sequel to Stolen Memories.

I’ve been struggling hard with this sequel. I just never feel like writing it. I got about two thousand words written on it in February. That doesn’t sound bad but considering I’ve been writing it since around January 2013 and I’m only sixteen thousand words into it, not so good. I know exactly what I need to do I just can’t seem to get the words down.

The other day I told myself to just forget about trying to hit fifty thousand and write the damn story. If I finished early oh well. That actually worked for a little while, I got about three hundred words written. Didn’t even finish the scene though.

It doesn’t help that I know that once this book is done I will have to write a third in the series. The way I ended the first one was a set up for two more books.

My past self was so ambitious. My past self didn’t have a baby.

Surely I’m not the only person with issues finishing a project?


  1. Finishing is always hard. Things come up, deadlines are missed, and all sorts of things that can just keep you from writing spawn their ugly heads. Good luck with your WIP and reaching the end of the series. Don’t leave your poor characters hanging in the air. πŸ˜‰


  2. I think a lot of authors have that one book that seems like an on-going and constant project, but you are working on it still. The finish line might be a way off, but you are still going, and that’s the main thing πŸ˜€


  3. I’m working on a sequel myself, and I have to say, the walls of my universe are closing in on me. It’s a lot easier to write a story when nobody is watching me, when I can just write whatever I want. But I’ve set up expectations and parameters by publishing the first book, and so it’s a bit cloying at times. Imagine being Jim Butcher, with 14 or so Dresden novels under his belt.


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