Should I publish on Createspace?


Is it worth it to create paper versions of books that are less than nine thousand words?

I ask because I recently created an account with Createspace. My current plan is to make a paper copy of the Amelia Bennett Chronicles when I’ve finished the first season, which is probably going to be at the end of episode six.

I’m also going to create a paper copy of Stolen Memories. Once I have my corrections completed and a new cover created, but it’s the size of a normal romance so I’m not concerned about it.

So is nine thousand words too small to make a paper copy? I’m really not sure. I lean to no, it seems like a lot of work for something so small. Would it even look right? Maybe it isn’t a lot of work, I haven’t done it yet, so maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal. Has anyone used Createspace? If so what do you think?



  1. I’ve never used Createspace, though I know it’s very popular. Can you print just one? So as you could have a look at what it’s like and decide better once you see the finished product?


  2. It depends on what you want to do with it. Personally, I would wait until you have all six. Readers would be more prepared to buy it, then. Also, it depends if you want to go through the process of creating six print books for such short works.
    I’m writing a novella, which is the first book in a series. And when I do a print version, I will include it in the second book’s print version. The second book is a full sized novel. I did some research on Amazon, and I didn’t see many novellas that had a print offering as well as the ebook.
    Just think about the reasons you are doing it for and if it makes sense for you, then you should do it.


  3. I’ve never used Createspace although I will soon. I use Lightning Source because their distribution is better but to sell paperbacks well on Amazon you need to use createspace (their wholly owned subsidiary) alongside Lightning Source.

    I think 9,000 words might be a bit small, why not wait and publish your stories in sets of 4 – that would give you a 36,000 word book which would be big enough for it to have a spine.




  4. PS but that’s just my view, so don’t listen to me. Also it’s worth looking into production costs to see if a slightly bigger volume might be more commercially viable.


  5. Thank you everyone for your thoughts. I was leaning toward waiting, I’m lazy and I really don’t want to go through that work for something that’s so small. I’m sure Kristine Rusch would say that I should make a print copy of each but I really don’t see an audience for a print copy of a 9k word episode that doesn’t stand alone. Thanks for the input everyone and I will make a post whenever I finally use createspace


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