Amelia Bennett Chronicles Episode Four Update

I’ve finished my personal edits. I sent it to beta readers who gave positive feedback. I read it on my kindle and found a couple more edits to make. I’ve also scheduled Anne Victory, the editor on the previous episodes, for around April 15th. Excited.

I have the new cover created. I’m still kind of unsure of the covers but I’m not sure what else I could do to them.

Anyway, on to the next project.

New Life II


  1. Thank you both. I’m excited about finally releasing something else after over a year with nothing. Though I did create a child in that time so I guess it wasn’t a total loss :-p


  2. Love the “episode” naming. Curious, did you decide to do that on your own or did you get inspired by the write/publish/repeat guys, who also release their work as episodes? Nice cover!


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