Well Amazon never got back to me, so in case you were wondering, writing a public letter begging for money does not work.

Sales. It’s been a while since I updated on sales and as much as I’d love to say it’s because there are too many to count. I can’t.

January-  1 sale 79 free downloads

February- 7 sales 116 free downloads

March- 8 sales 135 free downloads

I’m pretty happy with that. It’s obvious that sales increased once I made the first episode in my series free. Those numbers only include Amazon and Google Play, Smashwords is too complicated to include their numbers, I haven’t had any sales on there anyway.

Self-Publishing. I’ve created a new website. The hardest part was linking it to my blog, but that’s finally done, and everything is live. The website created more expenses than I would like but I thought it was something I should do. We’ll see how it goes, there’s only one monthly expense.

Camp NaNoWriMo. They recently changed the rules and your goal doesn’t have to be 50k words. So I signed up for 20k. I’m already behind, of course, but I’ve still written more this month than the last few months. I’m very happy about that.


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