Chuck Wendig My New Hugh Howey?

For a period in 2012 I talked a lot about Hugh Howey. It seemed like everything coming out of my mouth was about him.

“Hugh Howey said this.

Hugh Howey said that.

Did you see this video of Hugh Howey dancing?

Oh my god Hugh Howey just quoted me on kindle boards!”

Yes I always used his first and last name.

My husband, at one point, asked me if I loved Hugh Howey so damn much why didn’t I marry him? My reply was, “I think he’s already married.”

Time passed and my obsession went away only now to be replaced with an increasing obsession with Chuck Wendig.

I read all of his blog posts, I’ve started reading his books, and his name keeps popping up in everyday conversations. I’ve read a couple of his funny toddler blog posts out loud to my husband, who surprisingly liked them.

At this point the only reason Chuck Wendig has not become my new Hugh Howey is because Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant, and Dave Wright of the Self-Publishing Podcast and Write. Publish. Repeat. are vying for my attention at the same time.

So many men so little time.


  1. You sound like me during my Rod Usher phase! He hasn’t written a novel in two years, so my screaming obsession with his prose is subsiding, and I’ve discovered author Barbara J. Taylor’s prose to be just as good. She pulled her novels down from smashwords 😦 (no!!!), so I’m working on her to try indie publishing. Now I have to look up Sean, Johnny and Dave. No, no, now I have to polish, format and publish my own novels!!!


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