April Numbers



I published a new episode in the month of April, the 19th, so I thought it would boost my sales. At the least my free downloads. It didn’t.

Free Downloads on Amazon: 80

Sales: 14

Of those 14 sales 7 were from family. :-/

Free downloads are down by a lot, I’m not sure why. Paid sales are up, but since most of those are family buying the new book it doesn’t mean I have new readers.

I sent out emails to the two people on my mailing list, one with a coupon code for a free copy of the episode because that was a sign up bonus for a lucky person. Neither email was opened. Which considering they signed up over a year ago, totally understandable.

I thought about spending five dollars on Facebook ads but decided to wait until the entire first season is complete and published before I do any kind of active marketing.

I’m halfway through writing the first draft of the next episode. I did not make my goal of 20k for Camp NaNo, one day I will win, but oh well. I did get a lot more written last month than I have in a long time.

I’ve got a plan to make me write more, but more on that in another post.


  1. Keep after it, the slow traction is better than no traction. If you gain one new reader at a time in a couple months you’ll look back and have a good solid following.


  2. Slow and steady. Keep writing. Get enough episodes out to warrant a full box set – then begin beating the promo drums. I haven’t tried Facebook ads – but I likewise haven’t heard anything good about them. I’d hit some of the freebie promo sites – but I say again – you’re better off to just put your head down for the next year and write like a whirlwind.

    Fill the store first – then invite the customers on in.


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