350 Word Challenge

Chuck Wendig, or Chuck as I call him ever since he tweeted me, issued a 350 words a day challenge for 260 days out of the year. That is 350 words a day Monday through Friday. This was not a new challenge it was just something I came across as I was doing my daily Chuck reading. I decided that if I couldn’t write 350 words a day then I should just give up on wanting to be an author.

So what if I have a baby and all kinds of other stuff I have to do. Who wants to do housework anyway?

So the last month I’ve tried to write 350 words a day Monday through Friday and these are my stats:

Monthly Goal if meet daily goal: 7700

Days I didn’t write when I was supposed to: 4

Days I wrote but didn’t meet my goal: 6

Days I was traveling on writing days: 4

Days I had to take care of a sick baby: 1

Days I had to take care of a sick husband: 2

Lowest word count day: 19

Highest word count day: 1209

Average words written on days I’ve actually written: 403.95

Words written this month: 8079

I met my goal!! Pretty happy about that. It was close, the last three days I was behind because of some holiday travel. I was set to have to write 705 words a day, completely doable unless my daughter decided that she wanted to be held forever. She did not and I was in fact able to write my highest word count day of the month yesterday. Technically I would have only had to write 200 and some words today but the challenge is a daily one, so even though I was caught up the goal today was still 350 and I met it and then some.

I did not count blog posts or research writing in that word count. Only story and notes and I didn’t have much note writing this month. I also have some writing that I wrote long hand that I didn’t count up and add to my total.

All but 1624 of that was on Episode Five which is just a scene away from the first draft being completed. It’s longer than the other episodes but I believe that will change when I start the second draft. I distinctly remember a couple slow parts that I will probably chop out or change.

The 1624 I wrote is on a new project I started. It’s going to be my first project written in Scrivener so that will be fun. So far I’m really liking the session word counter tool that it has. Makes it a lot easier for me to keep track.

Anyway that is what I’m going to be doing to keep myself on track to finish projects. 350 words a day is completely doable and I rarely just write that when I get in the groove. At that rate I will be able to finish a couple projects this year which really makes me happy. To keep me honest I’ll update the blog each month.

350 word challenge

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