May 2014 Numbers

Well another month is over and due to the wonders of the internet I know that I sold 0 books last month. I was hoping with the release of Episode Four at the end of April I would have some sales from new release visibility, but nope. Not a one. Sad.

My free downloads were also down. I had 41 free downloads in May. No idea why the decline, though it’s possible every person out there that has an interest in an episodic fantasy series has already downloaded it. I doubt that’s happened but it’s possible.

Kobo never seemed to receive Episode Four from Smashwords so yesterday I uploaded it there personally. I’ll be adding a link on my book page once it shows up.

I will leave you with this wonderful, awesome, inspiring, thread on kindleboards that was started on the Passive Voice:,186628.0.html


  1. Keep your head up! I’m sure there will be good and bad months. Just keep plugging away & do what you can to get the book in front of people’s faces!


  2. Russell Blake says he’s unable to move books unless he does paid promos. Like ENT, Bookbub, etc. He has enough books out that he can always be doing promos for one book or another. Neither I nor you have enough books to do that, but one day right? 🙂 Still, when you can, when those timers clear for your next available promo, you should take advantage of it if you can.


  3. Last year my biggest month was about $100.00 in e-book sales. This May I made my best month yet at $300.00.

    This work takes time.

    Every new book you put out there gives you a little bit more edge. Salt some money for a Bookbub or ENT promotion. Stock up on a few more reviews.

    Try not to worry about this month and start looking at what you will be doing NEXT year.

    Hang in there and keep dogpaddling. 🙂


  4. Wow I didn’t post looking for encouragement but I’m loving it! Thank you 🙂

    John- I’ve been looking into Boobbub and some fiver ads, I’m definitely going to wait until I’ve finished season 1. I’ll of course post my results.


  5. I only have one “book” up, and it’s not exactly tearing up the charts, so I feel ya. Just keep the dream alive. Every sale, even free downloads, gets you that much closer to being able to telling your day job to stuff it.


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