Recently I went back and created uniform, yearly, excel spreadsheets that have my expenses, revenue, free downloads, and book sales listed. Now everything is in order and all my numbers are at my fingertips. Because of that information I knew that yesterday when I sold a book it happened to be my 150th sale. 🙂 Pretty excited.

If that wasn’t enough, and it was, last night I got my first piece of fan mail. Someone used the Contact Me page on my website and sent me an email telling me they enjoyed reading my series, liked the pacing and that I skipped the tedious parts, and they wanted me to keep the work coming because they wanted to read more. Soon.

I’m not going to lie that made me more excited than meeting the sale milestone. Holy cow someone out there liked them and they weren’t related to me. At this point I had pretty much decided I was going to continue writing the episodes for my family and if people bought them awesome but I knew they’d never take off. Now I’m having dreams of my husband quitting his job and me supporting us financially with my writing.

I dream big with very little motivation.

Well to my fan 😀 I just finished the first draft of the next episode and I’m letting it sit for a couple of weeks before I go back and edit it. Once I’m about halfway done with that I’ll contact my editor and see when she has an opening. I’ve also already started on Episode Six.


  1. I like my little spreadsheet for income, but need to be more comprehensive in my expenses. While I was meticulous in recording everything, it’s a bit ugly and needs some formatting. Also, right now, they’re two different sheets, and I’ll be incorporating them into a neat, single file with multiple worksheets. Fun stuff, and very useful data to have on hand (especially around tax time!).


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