Monthly Word Count Met


This makes it seem like I’ve got my shit together but I don’t. If it helps two days this month I didn’t meet my daily goal.

Well I met my monthly word count goal today. WhooHoo!!!

I still plan on continuing to write every weekday but next week when I start editing Episode Five I am just going to focus on editing. If I write, awesome, but if not I’m still getting work accomplished.

I’m really excited about how much my writing productivity has increased by doing this. Having such a small goal and holding myself accountable with an excel spreadsheet has been very motivating. I rarely stop at 350 words, which is why I met my goal so early, but every now and then it’s a real hassle to get those words so it’s nice to know I can stop once they’re out.

I’ll post more specific stats at the end of the month for now though I was excited and felt like sharing.

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