Name that Town!!!!

Editing started today. My goal is to read through once just making sure it’s cohesive and the voice doesn’t change throughout. The next read throughs will be all about commas and tenses and word choices and all that other crap. For now I just want to make sure I still like the story and that it works.

Not even two pages in and I found a blank I left when I couldn’t figure out what to name something.


Amelia finds out that with becoming an heir came a title and some land. Her title is Marchioness but I’m not sure what I want to name the land she gets. Her great-grandfather is the Duke of Bedford so she is going to be the Marchioness of ____?

My husband did a quick google maps check and came up with some options. I thought I’d post them here and my wonderful blog readers can be a part of naming something in my next book.

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