Indie Comics

I love comics. A lot. However I don’t read them very often. I sort of had a $40 a week habit there for a while and I had to stop. I found that I couldn’t just buy one and even after I dropped a ton from my pull list I ended up saving almost no money because I would see something else and pick it up.

Anyway, I have a friend that had somehow managed to produce several Indie comics. The few times I’ve talked to him about it I’m amazed that he’s been able to organize everything that needs to be done just to get one comic out. But he’s done it several times now.

Recently he released two new #0 issue comics and he’s started what he’s calling a pilot season. Reviews, social media, downloads, and probably other things are going to decide if these “pilots” are getting picked up for a full run.

I love this idea and I’ve already read one of the comics, Signature, and want to know what happens next. I don’t use this blog for reviews, and this isn’t a review, but I thought it would be nice to promote another type of Indie.



The Round



  1. Kudos to him! Some good look art, too.

    I feel your pain on the $40 a week habit! Some of the recent news out of Marvel has me a bit excited, but I feel like I’ll need to get caught up on the some of the NOW stuff, like Thor and Cap, before checking out the new stuff in the fall. Definitely going to kill my wallet.


  2. Lots of interesting news coming from Marvel recently. I never really got into them though, they didn’t have as many female starring books when I was reading so when I started to whittle away at my pull list they were the first to go. Interested in the direction they’re going right now though and I love the movies.


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