July 2014 Numbers

I’ll start out with my sales because they’re by far the smaller numbers.


Free Downloads:       91

Sales:                          6


Amazon UK has finally price matched The Ring, The Man so I had a few free downloads there. Amazon.in has also price matched, not sure where that is, though. Still working on Amazon.ca and Amazon.au, we’ll see how long that takes. Three of my sales were also in the UK which was pretty awesome.

My free downloads are up from last month but my sales are down. I had a spike of ten downloads on one day which was interesting. I did no marketing, I don’t think I posted anywhere, so I’m not sure where that spike came from.

Now my writing numbers.


Monthly Word Count Goal:6300

Days I Didn’t Write and Should Have:0

Days I Didn’t Meet My Daily Goal:7

Days I Was Editing:5

Days I Was Sick:3

Days I had Company Spending the Night:12

Days I Traveled:2

Words I Wrote:11341


I’m excited by my monthly total of words written but sad that I wasn’t able to meet my daily word count goal each day. There were a couple of days in there that I was editing and writing so I wasn’t a total slacker, but that’s a number I want to work on.

I was able to go through and do my own edits for Episode 5, I still want to read it a couple more times, but that’s just me being anal. I wasn’t able to schedule a time with my editor because of other financial obligations. I’m hoping to be able to at the end of September, but we’ll see.

The big thing for me this month, writing wise, was that I finished the first draft of Episode 6. It concludes Season 1 and I’m so thrilled to have it almost done. I’ve loved writing it and I definitely want to write more, but it’s so nice to have something almost done. The hard part is over, now I just have to polish. Sad thing is it’s something else I have to pay to get edited.

I mentioned last month getting an online job to help with expenses, unfortunately it didn’t work out like I wanted. The job was too much time and nowhere near enough pay. I’ve got another option lined up, though, and I will be applying for it shortly.




  1. If only I’d retained all that English junk I learned in school or if I’d made less fun financial decisions during my life, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. lol Oh well, at least I’m not alone. Thanks for reading.


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