New Blurb


I’ve been working on blurbs lately. They aren’t something I like and I don’t find them particularly easy to write. The only way I’ve been able to write anything that I like is by thinking of it as a movie trailer.

A lot of them end up starting with “In a world where…”

Most of the time that doesn’t end up in the final draft but it does serve as a nice starting point. Sometimes that’s all you need.

I updated the blurb for the Amelia Bennett Chronicles on Amazon, it’s the same one for each episode now. I think it sounds better which is good. I’m thinking about starting a thread at kboards for a blurb doctor to have a look and see what they say.

Do you have any tips or tricks?

What do you guys think of the new blurb?


Eavesdropping and saying exactly what she’s thinking are just a couple of flaws that get Amelia into trouble.

Who knew magic was real? That there is a whole world out there she’d never heard of, where magic is common.

Amelia’s life is about to take a dramatic change, will she be able to survive all the twists and turns to come? Or will she end up pissing off the wrong man?


  1. I love that chicken cross the road thing. Hilarious. And blurbs, yeah, they’re hell

    Ok, your blurb:
    1) I like it over all
    2) the cool kids, the smart people, the wise ones say not to pose questions in your blurbs. I don’t mind questions, but there you go 🙂 This is just what they say…. I’ve sold books with questions in my blurb before, so what’s the deal huh?
    3) tiny error in your blurb; “That there is a whole world…” This should be a question, just like the previous sentence, because it’s a continuation of a question (even if it’s in a separate sentence).

    Otherwise it looks fine to me.

    John L. Monk’s Blurb Tricks/Tips:
    Be a little quirky and funny if that’s a possibility. Obviously a tragedy about unrequited love isn’t going to be all that funny and quirky.


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