Flash Fiction

I don’t normally share the bits of fiction that pop into my head. Well not unless Chuck Wendig has prompted them. For whatever reason I’ve decided to share this one. Maybe one day I’ll get around to writing the rest of the story, for now I’m content with what I have. Let me know what you think.

all the books

When I was fourteen a stranger asked me what my greatest wish was. I told him I wanted to read all the books in the world.

He told me that it would take a very long time to read everything.

I said it didn’t matter I wanted to read every book written and every book yet to be written.

For years I forgot about the stranger. I grew older, I got married, and I had children. Then people started commenting on how young I looked, next they started saying I never seemed to age, and then they tried to burn me at the stake.

Three days I stood surrounded by flames but not burning. When the flames finally died I stood before the people of my village unscathed. They bowed to me and worshiped me as a god.

That’s when I found out I was immortal.


  1. I liked it 🙂 I have a soft spot in my heart for immortality and first person narrative. It seems like something that, if slowed down a teensy bit (it is flash fiction of course), could go somewhere. I like the different stages the villagers went through.


  2. This is truly a mesmerizing piece. I’m still pondering it. I’d say, on a very literal level, the plot seems clear: the stranger fulfilled the narrator’s wish (made her immortal so that she could read all books). But, on a metaphorical level, the message seems to be to me that, through books, we extend our human lives as we live other lives and experience other experiences through reading (symbolized in this piece by the narrator’s immortality). Just my interpretation though. Anyway, I loved it! Thank you for sharing it.


  3. Wow, I’m so glad you liked it. I tend to be more literal when I write things, though maybe my subconscious is deeper than I’ve given it credit. I’m happy you were able to enjoy it on multiple levels.


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