Last week my husband took the week off. If I had taken the time to think about it I should have known I wouldn’t get any writing done. Instead I mistakenly thought I would get even more done. Oh well. I spent quality time with my family so it’s not like the time was wasted.

I do think it’s crazy that I’ve been able to write while traveling and with company spending the week, but I wasn’t able to write while my husband was home. I would be able to write while watching my daughter if she didn’t want to type right along with me.

Does anyone else find their significant other a distraction?

He’s a good distraction, which is why I married him, I’ll just have to figure out a way to work with him around. Especially if the ultimate goal is to have him work from home.


  1. I often feel guilty about writing when my family is around. More often than not, I’ll actually leave the house to write. Otherwise, I feel like I’m shutting them out and being selfish.


  2. I feel guilty leaving the house to get groceries, but then I have a ten month old and while I know my husband can take care of her I still feel like I should be there. It’s easier for me to write at home when my husband is at work. Thanks for your comment.

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