August Numbers

Number of Books Sold:                    1

Number of Free Downloads:           83

August was a disappointing month. I just had one sale. My second book was purchased but they didn’t go through and buy the rest. This has only happened twice before. Sometimes it takes weeks but they always go back and buy the next in the series. The person that bought the second one probably died. That’s really the only possible reason the rest of the books weren’t purchased.

My Free downloads weren’t as much as last month but they were more than June, so I’m fine with them. I had a few days where I had several downloaded in a day. But then I had a few days where I had none downloaded. The graph looks like a roller coaster ride.


Monthly Word Count Goal:           7350

Words Written:                                 6288

Books Read:                                      22

As you can see I did not meet my goal. Last month was not a good month writing wise, which is weird since it’s the first month I didn’t really travel or have any guests. As you can see, though, I read a lot. Twenty-two books. My goal for the year was fifty. I normally read about one hundred and fifty books in a year, but last year, when I was pregnant, I didn’t have the brain power to read a book and barely got through fifty. I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to read this year with a new baby, but since my brain is no longer being sucked dry I can concentrate and really devour a book.

Another reason, and probably the main one, that I wasn’t able to meet my word count goal is that I’ve had to accept that I won’t be publishing anything any time soon. I just don’t have the money for edits and I’m not willing to send it out unedited. I’ve thought about sending Episode Five out to the people on my mailing list. I’ve done my own edits so it’s not a complete rough, it’s just not as polished as I would like. I don’t know, I’m still thinking about it.

It’s sad knowing that all these projects I’m in the middle of I’m not going to be able to publish when I’m done with them. I could, of course, but I really prefer to have a polished product out there. I’ve released an unedited product before and I didn’t like it. I felt unprofessional.

I’m trying to focus on building my backlist. I may not be able to publish when I’m done but one day I’ll have money. I can’t be broke forever. God I hope I can’t be, lol. I’ve got a part-time job and I’m selling some things, so it will be slow but I’m building up funds to pay for edits.


  1. “The person that bought the second one probably died.” — lol, that’s one way to look at it. I think I’ll join you. For my part, the people who haven’t bought my book are probably on life support and can’t use their computers 🙂

    I’m impressed and pleased to see you aren’t willing to put out an unedited book — high five. You will have money, eventually. There has to be a way to squirrel some cash away, I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Where there’s a will there’s a way. No time like the present, takes one to know one, 🙂

    I’m impressed with all that reading you got going on. I read too slow hehe.

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  2. 150 books in one year! Good God woman – how do you do it? AND you write, too! Okay I’ll stop with the caps and the exclamation marks. I’m impressed and I think you should just keep writing. You might win the lotto and then you can publish all your books AND open your own bookstore. Sorry about those last capitals. Don’t stop – it doesn’t cost anything to write and it’s fun.Listen to Mr Monk, he’s a smart bloke (just don’t tell him I said that) 🙂


  3. One year I somehow managed 188 books, there were some novellas in there so that helped. I’ve been psyching myself up so that I keep writing but it helps to hear encouragement from people that aren’t family. Thanks.


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