Episode Six is Out to Beta Readers

Well I just sent Episode Six of the Amelia Bennett Chronicles to my beta readers. I’ve already gone through two rounds of edits and I plan on doing at least another three more read throughs. I’m excited to be so close to the end.

Last time I posted I wasn’t able to afford an editor but because of recent ebay auctions and a contract job I’ve got a little bit of money. Enough that I went ahead and scheduled my editor. So if everything goes all right I will be able to publish around the end of October or early November. WhooHoo!!! So happy!

I have no idea when or what I will be publishing next. I’m in the middle of too many projects and I don’t have anything else to sell to bring in money for edits. Hopefully, now that season one is complete, I will make some more money from book sales. We’ll see. It would be nice to at least break even again.

Ending on a personal note my daughter is turning one in a couple of weeks. She’s already got a ton of teeth in her mouth and she’s been walking for the last four months. It’s amazing to watch her figure things out just from watching us do it. She likes to sit and flip through the pages of her board books, only occasionally chewing on them. I have no idea where she gets that from. The reading books, not the chewing on them. She is pretty incredible, I’m fairly certain she’s a genius, not that I’m biased in any way.

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