September 2014 Numbers

Writing Goal:                                                5250

Words Written:                                             6075

Days Didn’t Write but Should Have:          5

# of TV Shows in My Fall Lineup:              24


My writing goal this month was not high, I spent most of the month editing. It took longer than I had planned, but I’m finally sending episodes five and six to my editor and I wanted them to be as perfect as I could make them. At this point I flip flop between thinking she’ll probably pay me to edit what few mistakes she finds to just hoping there are a few words left when she’s done.

I kind of like to watch TV, a lot. I’ve already dropped two shows from my Fall lineup so that’s a good thing. Also most of my writing has been sporadic and not focused on one single project. I’ve got more WIPs than I care to admit too, with none of them being close to finished. I really need to pick one and stay with it, but for now I’m trying to just get the words in.


Books Sold:                                                    11

Free Downloads:                                           75


I had fewer free downloads this month but more sales. I also decided to focus on one retailer and took all but my free book down everywhere but Amazon. I don’t really like putting all of my eggs in one basket, but I have no visibility anywhere else and I prefer to not spread my focus. I’m going to put all of my books in KDP select and we’ll see what happens from there.

I ended up having two people not progress past the second book, which over the life of the series has only happened two other times. Don’t really like that development but my read through rate is still good.

Right now my hope is to have episodes five and six out either later this month or early next month, it depends on when I get them back from the editor and how much work is needed after that.


  1. Thank, I was really surprised I ended up with that many words. While it’s not really a lot it’s more than I thought I’d done. I’ve been surprised at my read through rate too, though now I kind of expect it and I’m disappointed when someone doesn’t read through.


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