Break Time

Break Time

So I’m taking a break this month. I realize 350 words is not a lot of words to write five days out of the week, but with all that is going on in my life I am just not able to prioritize it. I still plan on publishing Episode Five and Six, hopefully this month. It depends on how many edits I get back from Anne Victory. Thankfully I already have the book covers made. Though I do plan on redoing them at a later date. Maybe I’ll even be able to afford to pay a professional for them. Who knows!!

It would really be awesome if this break revitalizes my creativity and I feel that desire to finish a project I haven’t felt lately. I have ideas, even fleshed out outlines, I just haven’t felt like working on any of them. My hope is with this break I will return fully recharged and ready to make some projects my bitch. I really want to build up a catalog of completed projects waiting for publication.

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