October 2014 Numbers

I already posted that I wouldn’t be writing the past month and for the most part I didn’t. Total I only wrote about 1500 words. The past year has been the busiest year of my life and pretty much everything else I do I’m unable to take a break from. So I really needed the time off.

Just because I took a break didn’t mean I stopped thinking about what I wanted to do, though. The few words I did write was in preparation of my next project. I also published the last two episodes of Season One of the Amelia Bennett Chronicles, so that’s something. I’m really excited about that, actually.

I’d love to participate in NaNo this month but, holy cow, the amount of stuff I have going on is overwhelming and I couldn’t take NaNo on top of it. I’m going to go back to just my little 350 words Monday-Friday and be happy with that.



Free Book Downloads          35

Book Sales                              17

KDP Select Sales                    8


My free downloads are down but my sales are up, I’ve also got some KDP Select purchases. I’m really not sure how those work, hopefully I make some money off of them. No idea what happened to my free downloads, that’s a pretty steep drop. Just can’t seem to get it right at the same time.

The next goal, self-publishing wise, is to get a new cover for The Ring, The Man and a box set cover for the entire series. Once those are purchased I will begin the marketing machine. My husband has actually asked to be that machine and I am so happy to turn that over to him. Marketing is so not my forte.



  1. Just curious, but have you seen this?


    He was recently interviewed on the Rocking Self-Pub Podcast (#70). Fascinating guy, and incredibly prolific. I get inspired when I see huge word counts of quality writing like that (quality because he made a ton of money ghost writing for NY times bestselling authors, so he has to be at least decent, right?).


  2. I’ve read several posts on his blog but I don’t believe I’ve read that one. Those numbers are terrifying lol. The fact that he keeps track of all of it is mind boggling. I’ve never included blog post numbers in my totals, since I’ve got blogs scheduled through February, on my review site, I’d have a higher number, still nothing that high.
    Wonder what he was doing in January to get such a measly total of 66k?
    Thanks for the link


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