November 2014 Life Update

It’s been a while since I’ve done a non writing update, so I thought I’d made a post of what’s going on in my life.

My daughter turned one about a month ago. It was not a happy birthday. It was a birthday filled with the battle of vaccination symptoms and a cold. It lasted over two weeks and involved a rash, multiple high fevers, and a mild case of chicken pox. I’m fairly certain there’s a room in hell that was exactly like what my life was during that time. She’s better, which is lovely, but now we’re dealing with tantrums and high pitched screams. Life as a mother is so much fun!

I burned myself out on reading a couple months back and it’s taken me a while to want to read again. That actually worked out perfectly since fall TV started and I had several new shows I wanted to watch. I’ve slowly whittled them down and my schedule is no longer ridiculous, just bordering on it.

I’ve got several hobbies, reading and watching TV are just two, so bear with me.

I finished crocheting a baby afghan and started a new one. I’ve got two friends with babies in their future so I need to get on the ball with that.

I’ve got book reviews written until February of next year for my review website. I only need to review five Christmas movies and a New Years movie and I’ll have the year in movies done too. I currently have less than a hundred followers on that blog, but I post 4 times a week so I’m hopeful that will continue to rise. Even if it doesn’t I like having the documentation for my own benefit. Since the reviews are mainly just my opinion it’s not the best review site and probably an acquired taste.

Fantasy Life 2Fantasy Life

I’m desperately trying not to buy the new 3DS game Fantasy Life. It looks like they made the game specifically for me and if I think about it too much I might explode. I’m not letting myself buy it because I spent my money on The Sims 4 (something I do not currently recommend, if you’re a fan wait until an expansion pack comes out that you’re interested in) there’s also the fact that Christmas is coming. I’ve made it very clear what I HAVE to receive and if my husband doesn’t get the hint then someone else better.


Owning a home is a lot of work, most of it not fun.

My husband is pretty awesome, most of the time, he’s currently sick, but I can’t hold that against him.

That’s pretty much it. I’m going to try and post more non-writing, side quest posts. Hopefully things that are relevant to my potential readers interest. I guess that means I should buy Fantasy Life because it’s a fantasy RPG and I write fantasy series. OMG It’s like I was meant to buy that game. Now!

I have a problem.

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